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Megan’s unique approach focuses on play, positive connection and inspiration to create interactive environments that bring organizations and communities together with a focus on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of leadership and their teams to truly thrive. Huge benefits to organizations from attending these retreats and events are extremely energetic, super engaged and highly productive employees and teams.  Megan understands the importance of a realistic work/life balance, the power of connected and empowered teams and the value to be placed on physical, mental and emotional well-being to see people and organizations thrive. 


Over the past few years, there’s been a shift in priorities.  People are realizing they can’t do everything, all the time, at 200%, and do it well. They’re realizing they long for quality relationships with their co-workers, their family and their friends.   Organizations are searching for the best ways to retain and motivate their workforce. Overwhelm, burnout and mental health are more common than ever.  So, let’s fix it.

If you want more energized, engaged and productive employees, you need genuine and meaningful connections in the workplace. This is a huge benefit to overall well-being. Forming friendly relationships at work fosters a sense of community within your organization, leading to increased engagement, happier employees and a positive impact on job performance. Recruiting and retention rates improve and employees are less likely to be burnt out. 


This is where these valuable team-building  events and retreats come into play. Megan uses her experience as a wellness coach, speaker and trained facilitator to enhance communication skills in different organizational settings such as retreats, conferences and workplaces.  She focuses on purposeful connection and experiential learning to create interactive in-person and virtual environments that bring organizations and communities together leading to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce and incredible success within the organization.

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Our leadership team will partner with your organization to bring together key leaders and stakeholders in a collaborative, dynamic and co-creative environment.  Our team will utilize the Xchange framework to design the agenda and facilitation. Xchange is a radically effective, scientifically based, multi-disciplinary approach for leading and managing teams, organizations and learning communities, both at in-person events (retreats, conferences, summits & workshops), as well as in the virtual environment and in special programs designed for your organization.


Xchange is a trusted partner for organizations like Facebook, Microsoft, Keller Williams and BMW for intentionally designed, forward-looking organizations.  We enthusiastically partner with companies who want connection, inclusion, and belonging at the center of their strategy.

We believe communities of the future will value collaborative problem-solving, enable self-organized value creation, and inspire deeply personal connection to a transcendent community purpose.


We offer these services - strategy, design and facilitation support - as part of a long-term partnership with your organization. All services can apply to each program and/or event that we lead and facilitate, as well as future meetings within your organization that we can help you prototype and test on an ad hoc basis.

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Strategic Consulting

Planning w/ key stakeholders to create the most effective, valuable and innovative program and events. Using a proven method for strategic planning, we’ll invite more voices into the conversation to deliver results at speed and scale. Our deep background in this area allows us to bring templates, frameworks, and support for every aspect of your program and events.  

We look forward to collaborating with you to create innovative ways in which to design and lead your program, meetings and events, helping you to strategically position these events to ensure the greatest participation, engagement, and satisfaction across your organization.

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Design Support

Our team will work with you to create and design a program as well as virtual or in person events to arrive at the best possible outcomes based on the goals of the organization.  Connection, inclusion and belonging are the essence of how we design our programs and events.

For any learning segments or insights that you want to bring in, we will integrate multiple "active learning cycles." These ensure participants reflect on what they learned by having live dialogues with each other to integrate what they’re learning. This serves to increase the participant value around any teachings and any topic brought into each program and event.


Professional Facilitation

With a breadth of experience across multiple areas of expertise, our leadership team has facilitated groups of all sizes, from all backgrounds and from all areas of the world virtually and in-person. Using the most effective methods possible, we pride ourselves on facilitating sessions in the most efficient, productive and intentional way, with robust interactivity and connection amongst participants being our number one goal. 


We will not only incorporate what we know works from years of facilitation experience and thousands of conversations, but also integrate the latest best practices we’ve learned from facilitating hundreds of programs and events in-person and online.



Our approach has the proven ability to deliver powerful outcomes across almost any kind of group, team, organization, community or industry.  From design to delivery, we provide everything you need to achieve extraordinary results, online.  The powerful Xchange frameworks and choreographies are proven to enable any team or organization to connect and thrive.  It’s a proven process used to lead cultural transformations, strategic planning, leadership development, community building and dramatic whole system changes.


Every conversation has the potential to create powerful connections and unlock new wisdom. We engineer the right questions, conversations and experiences to unlock strengths, amplify learning and create solutions.  This accelerates psychological safety, connection, inclusion, shared sense of purpose, powerful future visions and inspired action to transform culture.

Event agendas and programs are intentionally designed to create the interaction patterns that allow any group to accelerate ideas into outcomes, at speed and scale. Personal and professional habits for success and well-being bring increased energy, motivation and engagement among leaders and employees.

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