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What I Do

I speak on the causes and cure for burnout and lead and create transformational virtual, in-person & hybrid workshops, events and retreats for organizations across the world to promote team-building, innovation and well-being. Having worked in leadership positions within the Department of Defense supporting high ranking government and military officials and a background working in the Healthcare world, I’m  able to use my prior experiences to enable culture change, end workplace burnout and create powerful connections among groups. As a certified Xchange facilitator, speaker, coach and consultant, my unique approach focuses on engagement, connection and inspiration to create interactive virtual and in-person environments that bring organizations and communities together. I helps leaders and organizations build habits and routines to see a major improvement in their quality of life, create incredible human connections and increased engagement through impactful conversations to elevate team strengths, motivation and performance and guides them to collaborate in a more meaningful way to inspire cultural transformation, leadership development, a productive workforce and a thriving organization.  I’ve facilitated events for organizations large and small in the financial, Information Technology and Healthcare Industries as well as for government organizations and diverse communities.


With my prior government, corporate and leadership experience, I’m able to elevate team strengths, nurture ultimate team-building and connection and align each outcome to the core mission and values of the organization.  I help executives, leaders, and organizations transform their overall well-being, lifestyle and culture to fuel productivity and performance, increase engagement and connection leading to personal, professional and organizational success. 


As the CEO and Founder of The Corey Company LLC and 4CORE, LLC, a certified, woman-owned small business, Megan provides consulting, facilitation and coaching services to organizations and communities worldwide and speaks on topics involving burnout and well-being.

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Tel: 443.756.4757

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